Homeopathy for childbirth

-pdf-Guides and 45 minute private *online consultation

*private consultation must be redeemed within 45 days of purchase, or otherwise arranged with Mette.

On this course you get a 25 pages pdf guide explaining to you, how to use homeopathy in childbirth. You get thorough instruction in when to use which remedy and for what. All the advice given is from a 18 remedy kit designed especially for childbirth, which means you could buy that kit and read this guide, and be miles ahead in your journey of childbirth.

After reading the guide, ask your questions about it in the *private consultation with Mette, where we get to speak about your specifics.

The guide includes these chapters:

1) Short history of homeopathy

2) FAQ for homeopathy

3) Instructions to the prescriber for childbirth

4) Quick guide to tissue salts and pregnancy

5) Index over prescribing symptoms in childbirth (before, during, after)

6) Materia Medica -learn about the remedies in the birth kit

7) Taking you through the stages of the birth with homeopathy in mind

8) Remedies for complications

9) After birth remedies

10) Breastfeeding

Also, you get 18 flash cards for each of the 18 homeopathic remedies used in this material to print out. These are a great learning tool to keep handy, whenever looking in the kit.

The kit is not included in the course and must be bought separately. You can buy the kit here

I made this guide after being asked about homeopathy and childbirth so many times. I am a homeopath, but I don't attend births, so a guide is the best I do. And I am happy to be able to provide this.
First I wrote this guide in Danish, as there is not much material about homeopathy in Danish. But I have really enjoyed the process of writing this guide, and in the process then I have learned so much too. Since writing the guide I have been lucky enough to have had the opportunity to teach midwives and doulas how to dispense homeopathy in the births they are attending. I have learned so much from these woman, and it has been just wonderful to be able to add this input in this English translation. 

As I do not attend childbirths myself, then this material is all based on the information I have from the great homeopaths that have taught me homeopathy in school, books I have read and bits and bobs I have picked up along the way.

All my consultations are online today, and I am looking forward to see you in consultation too. I recommend that you read the full guide before the consultation. In this way we can achieve more in the 45 minutes we have together.

*private consultation must be redeemed within 45 days of purchase, or otherwise arranged with Mette.