Beginners course: Learn to use homeopathy at home

It will change your life forever

Would you like to use fewer over-the-counter drugs? Would you like to learn how to treat common ailments at home with natural remedies? Would you like to be a provider and protector of health in your family? If so, this is the course to get you started!

This three-hour workshop will introduce you to the basic principles behind homeopathy. Get hands-on advice about how to apply homeopathy at home and also learn some simple tools that will enable you to utilize what you have learned immediately.

In the two hours we are together, you will learn about 36 homeopathic remedies that are collected in kit called 'Basic 36 kit' (from Helios). This kit is a staple in any home interested in alternative medicine. The kit comes with a booklet that explains each remedy. In this workshop we will be covering as much of this booklet as time allows.

It is a good idea to have the kit when joining the course, but not a necessity. 

Participants will also receive an invitation to join an online community on Facebook where we help and support each other in our use of homeopathy.

This course is facilitated by homeopath Mette Mitchell. Mette was trained at Centre for Homeopathic Education in London. She had her own practice in Denmark and is now looking forward to practising in Canada. She is a co-owner of the Welling Centre.

Kit and flashcards can be purchased separately, and are not included in the course fee. 

You can buy the kit by clicking here. They ship worldwide.

You can by the flashcards by clicking here.

36 kit